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It is the vision of CAMEO to continue to grow throughout Lee County by increasing the membership of senior care professionals, organizations and community members dedicated to raising community awareness and education to seniors about the services offered in this community. Monthly meetings and various events will serve as informal networking opportunities for those interested in any aspect of senior care. CAMEO will provide a forum for communication and cooperative efforts across all disciplines in the senior living realm. CAMEO will continue to raise money and provide grants to area non for profits who serve the senior community.


There are two different types of membership for CAMEO. There are members and associate members. The difference in membership is defined below:

Member-One who cares for or houses seniors $50.00/year

Associate Member-Performs services for seniors $100.00 year


​CAMEO believes strongly in giving back to the community. There are two major fundraisers a year in which grants are awarded for distribution to local nonprofit organizations serving the senior population of Lee County. If you would like to donate money to the restricted grant fund you can donate by clicking 'Membership/Payment' button and proceed to DONATE button.


CAMEO was established in 1999 with the goal of creating a platform for marketers to network, exchange referrals and educate the community on resources available to senior citizens. CAMEO stands for


"Cooperative Associates Marketing Elderly Options"



Get Involved

CAMEO is run completely by volunteers. There are no paid positions on the board. In order to have monthly meetings, networking socials and fundraisers, volunteers are needed. Please contact your Vice President to see what committee you would best serve on.


All fundraising effort go into a fund in which grants are awarded for distribution to local nonprofit organizations serving the senior population of Lee County.

     2021 MEMBERSHIP

All memberships expire the last day of December. Don't forget to renew your membership and recruit new members.



Any Not for Profit that specializes in Senior Services is encouraged to apply. Deadline Is April 30, 2021.




We recently donated $5000 to the United Way. This is how they used some of these funds:


72 year old veteran, called United Way 211 needing help with a water bill. He lives on a fixed income, with upcoming brain surgery. We were able to assist with $671.16 towards his water bill, stabilize his situation and reduce his anxiety prior to his surgery.


Received a call from a 68 year old female needing help with her electric bill. She was on HUD housing and no means to pay her bill. If she cannot pay her electric bill, she is at risk of losing her housing. We were able to assist with $405.00 towards her electric bill. (outstanding bill from years ago and new deposit.) and stabilize her situation.

Thank you all for your support!